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Costume AccessoriesCute_Lion_Cartoon_Character-08


We make a number of useful accessories to go with our costumes or of course they can be purchased to go with any costume or any other purpose.

Cold Pack Bib: This is a front and back fabric bib which goes over the head with two reusable ice packs in the front and two at the back. This bib helps enormously in keeping the costume wearers body cool. The packs should be put in a freezer before use. Available from stock @ £45.00 plus VAT. Overnight carriage £6.60

Deluxe Carry / Storage Bag: A storage bag made from a waterproof fabric with a padded quilted lining complete with zip and carry handles. From £110 dependant on size, plus VAT.

Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses: We are able to cut spectacle frames in ABS or Acrylic to fit your costume head. Prices range from £30-£75 plus VAT

Bespoke Buttons: Made to your specifications in coloured Acrylic in letters, logos, numbers etc.
from £1.50 each

Voice: You can give your Character Costume a voice We can supply a rechargeable battery operated amplifier, speaker and microphone fitted in your character costume to enable it to speak. Prices from £199.00 plus VAT.

Valeting. We valet and carry out small repairs on your costume when he gets a little tired.
price £95 plus VAT. We can arrange to collect and deliver him back for £65 plus VAT